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New term now booking! - free trials available


  • Can my child have a free trial class?

    Absolutely. We offer a free trial class at all of our and venues.
  • How much are your fees?

    Little Stars classes (4-6 years) are £100 per term for a 1 hour weekly session or £149 per term for a 1.5 hour weekly session. Stars 1,2&3 classes (7-16 years) are £299 per term for a 3 hour weekly session. Star 4 classes (16-18 years) are £199 per term for a 2 hour weekly session.
  • Are there any additional charges?

    No. Our fees are all inclusive. Your child will need a Spotlights uniform for class (Spotlights t-shirt (£10) and / or sweatshirt (£20) and jazz shoes (£25 - £33). The term fees cover the cost of tuition, scripts and other resources. All costumes are provided as required.
  • Where are your classes held?

    We have a growing portfolio of classes available. Please check venues for further details.
  • My child is interested in performing professionally – can you help?

    Yes. We have an agency that is open to all students who would like to be considered for auditions for professional productions in theatre and TV.
  • How many shows do you do a year?

    All Little Stars (age 4-6) will take part in a show at the end of each term. All Star 1,2&3 students (age 7-16) take part in two productions per year.
  • How is Spotlights different?

    We are a family run school completely dependent on our reputation to maintain our success. A large number of new students come to us because they have been recommended by friends. We care what you think and love feedback. Our pricing is transparent and our fees are all inclusive. All of our classes are structured around our unique STAR system to ensure we maintain a consistent quality at all our venues. All venues have at least one senior member of our team present at all times. If you would like to find out for yourself how we do things and how your child will benefit please get in touch to book your child a free trial class.