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Little Stars

Little Stars classes are for children aged 4-6 and these sessions are a fantastic introduction to the fun of performing arts.

Each term we use fresh material based on a different theme. The classes are split into drama, dance and singing across each weekly session.

At the end of each term you will see how well your own Little Star has done at a performance to family and friends.


The Drama section of our class will encourage your child to use their imagination through improvisation techniques. They will get their own script with dialogue to learn which will develop memory skills. We will encourage them to work as part of a team in their group.


Every term your child will learn fresh choreography often to the latest pop tunes that they will love!

Dance for this age group is a great introduction to being active and physical exercise. Plus your child will develop key skills, such as coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina and even memory. Being active in this way will also help to boost your child’s self-esteem, make them feel good about their own abilities and increase their self-confidence.


Singing is a fun way for your child to improve language skills, speaking and even writing. Your child will learn singing techniques and vocal warm-ups to help them find their voice at their own pace in a safe way.


Regular performance to an audience is key to helping your child grow in confidence. The Little Stars work towards a costumed performance every term for you and your friends to come and watch. There are no additional charges for the production or any costumes for you to make! We simply invite you to come and watch the fun your child has been having each week learning new skills and making new friends.

We are happy to offer your child a FREE trial class at any of our venues. Simply get in touch to book a class at a time and place convenient for you.