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  • This show one of the best that Chloe has been in. I think the whole atmosphere in the performance hall at the boys school, made it feel and sound like a proper performance.. It was fab.

    Claire WisemanWest Wickham

  • The show was wonderful and a credit to the Spotlights' team effort. Abi is slowly coming down of the high she's been on since Sunday and is missing Blousey big time!

    Gaynor AssockBromley

  • Firstly well done to all for working so hard with the kids and getting them ready for such a wonderful show! What was really pleasing to see was all the kids working with enjoyment, clear for all watching to see. The costumes/music/performance were brilliant and we all came away feeling very proud of the kids and grateful to the staff.

    Dan and Sarah DaveyOrpington

  • We thoroughly enjoyed watching Emma in 'Bugsy Malone'. Grandma has told everyone," My granddaughter danced, sang and acted her heart out!" Thanks for giving her this superb opportunity to perform. She loves it, and we love seeing her enthusiasm! She's very proud of her Spotlights certificate and bronze medal and has confidently shared how she gained these, in 'Show and Tell' in her class at school. Thank you for all your hard work and congratulations on Spotlight's 10th anniversary.

    Julie ClaytonBromley

  • All of our family thoroughly enjoyed Bugsy Malone. It is fantastic to see how much the children all enjoy their roles and how confident they are preforming in front of an audience. Thank you all so much for all your hard work.

    Carol Blackburn Orpington

  • Thanks for putting together another highly professional production of Bugsy Malone; this was the best yet! The children really excelled in their performances and the quality of the singing was amazing. In many cases you wouldn’t see anything better in the West End! Congratulations to all involved.

    Pauline Virgo-Smith Bromley

  • Just wanted to say a massive well done to all the children and teachers. The show was amazing, one of the biggest surprise was that the children were speaking in an American accent, and kept it through the whole play. The singing among the children was excellent and there was some incredible singers. The performance was gripping even my 2.5 year old sat through it quietly and did not fidget! Well done to all the performers and the teachers, you were all fantastic and I can't wait to see the next production.

    Urvina JohannesCroydon

  • We really loved the show it was very professional and could have graced any theatre. I was really proud to bring other family members to watch such a wonderful show.

    Gill MeadCroydon

  • This was a fabulous show and the children were amazing. The choreography, music and singing were great and having seen Bugsy Malone at the Lyric, I can honestly say that I had as much fun watching the Spotlights version. This was my son’s first role and he absolutely loved it, I hope it will be the first of many to come. Well done to all the Spotlights Theatre Staff and students!

    Sameena Khan Croydon

  • I enjoyed the Bugsy Malone Show very much. It was very professional, humorous and original.

    Mahruse HassanCroydon

  • She thoroughly enjoyed doing the show - it was great.

    Kelly LendonOrpington

  • What a fantastic show on Sunday, Great Grandma thought it was wonderful, and our 2 little ones were completely in awe of their big Brother. I can't imagine the amount of work it must take to get to such a professional show standard. As a team you do an amazing job. Joshua had the biggest smile on his face the whole way through the performance, he absolutely loved being a part of it. Thank you everyone for a great evening, can't wait for the next performance!

    Kathryn Heller West Wickham

  • Kids were fabulous. Captivating us with solos, great group dances and fab American accents.

    Sarah Williams Orpington

  • It was such a great show, thank you for all of your hard work!

    Holly Patrick West Wickham

  • Wow well what can be said that hasn't already about this performance from the spotlight children !!! Just fantastic , brilliant , funny and well put together WELL DONE TO EVERY BODY U SMASHED IT !!! X

    Sandy Coker West Wickham

  • Love, love ,loved the show - everyone performed to such a high standard. They should all be so proud of themselves. The 'bang bang' big group number was fabulous, I have spent weeks falling over Aidan go "swivel, swivel, swivel bang bang" and now I know why. Can't wait for the video so I can see it all again!

    Wendy Burrows West Wickham

  • Fabulous show last weekend Spotlights ! The kids were all so confident and the show was involving and enjoyable! Charlotte throughly enjoyed being a part of it. Thank you to the staff for all your hard work putting it together.

    Caroline Bloodworth Orpington

  • What a great show. Every performer gave it their all and what comes across so strongly is the sense of a company where everyone supports each other and has fun. The singing, choreography & acting were spot on. Congratulations to all the cast & Faye & her fantastic team to give our children the opportunity to give a very professional performance. Smashed it.

    Gillian Chamberlain West Wickham

  • Bugsy Malone was fantastic and both my girls loved being in the show. It was a proud moment for us watching the performance. Thank you Spotlights. X

    Thirza Hemming Orpington

  • What a fantastic performance! The show was brilliant, the children were all amazing! I am very proud of Oliver and Theo, this was their first performance and they both enjoyed it thoroughly. Well done to Faye and everyone involved and thank you so much for all your hard work!

    Karen Disberry West Wickham

  • The Bugsy show was amazing, I was gripped from the very start and laughed through it all, the quality of acting by all, was better than I could have imagined, , 1st rate, well done to everyone involved.

    Mark Disberry West Wickham

  • Each show raises the bar but, it has to be said, this one just blew us away!!! Well done to you all and thank you to all at Spotlights for building the childrens' confidence and skills in acting, singing and dancing to such a high level. The setting at Langley Boys' was the icing on the cake. Really impressive. Here's to many more!

    Canan Sadik West Wickham

  • What a fantastic show last Sunday. We were so proud watching our daughter in her first performance with Spotlights, we couldn't believe how professional it all was and how everyone in the cast gave their all!! Congratulations and looking forward already to the next show.

    Giles WillisWest Wickham

  • I thought the performance was great last week, we all really enjoyed it and the kids looked as if they were really enjoying themselves

    Sarah KingOrpington

  • I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the performance of Bugsy Malone last weekend. All children were extremely well-rehearsed and the production was superbly produced, with excellent lighting and music. The performers looked as though they really enjoyed themselves and it was a pleasure to see them having fun and performing to such a high level. Thank you Spotlights for all your hard work in putting this together. We are looking forward to next year's show!

    Clare Heath Orpington

  • I just wanted to say congratulations to both of you, and all the staff of Spotlights, for putting on such a great show. It was clear how much work had gone into it and the kids did you proud. You deserve a lot of credit for producing the show and nurturing the talent. I was incredibly proud of Matilda. I was blown away by her commitment and how she stayed in character and gave it her all. She loved it and from feeling worried and self-conscious about it now can't wait for the next show.

    Esther PilgerWest Wickham

  • We thoroughly enjoyed the Bugsy Malone performance last week and we're very proud of Mikka. Thanks to your good work!!!

    Luzelle & BevinBromley

  • What a brilliant performance that was!

    Sarah Benjamin West Wickham

  • Wow! What an amazing evening of brilliant entertainment. I was truly blown away by the standard of performance and the professionalism shown by everyone involved. The children were a credit to themselves and to Spotlights and it just goes to show what all that hard work can achieve Many Thanks

    Elizabeth Kilbey West Wickham

  • The choreography for the dance-off/fight scenes were very clever, we really enjoyed them and that's my favourite bit!

    Jenny and Gary DormanBromley

  • Excellent production of Bugsy Malone in a great venue, all the kids did a great job

    Alison Lowe Orpington

  • The Orpington cast was absolutely brilliant! In the fab surroundings, they all really responded and put their hearts into it! Well done to all the cast and crew!

    Lee LamOpington

  • What an amazing performance from the teens down to the littles ones. You have some wonderfully talented performers. Well done to everyone who made this performance so enjoyable.

    Lynn BruceWest Wickham

  • We were thoroughly impressed by the high quality of performances by the whole cast which clearly is a reflection of great teaching in all areas. We were very impressed with the show and our daughter cannot wait to get back on the stage. We would like to thank the whole Spotlights team for their continued enthusiasm, commitment and dedication and cannot wait for the next collaboration!

    The Giust FamilyCroydon

  • The Bugsy Malone show was wonderful. All the children performed really well and you could tell that a lot of hard work had gone into it. I’d love to watch it all again.

    Mo Lupton West Wickham

  • Spotlights West Wickhams 10 year anniversary performance of Bugsy Malone was fabulous. We loved the costumes, especially the little ones in their suits. They looked adorable and managed some great American accents! The last dance to the Will.I.Am song was a really clever addition

    Sarah Neilly West Wickham

  • Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say how much we all enjoyed Bugsy Malone. It was a great performance - the best yet! Congratulations to all the children and of course the Spotlights team.

    Katrina Mercieca Orpington

  • Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Very professional and a high standard of singing,dancing and acting - Lauren is already looking forward to the next show!!

    Erica Bond Orpington

  • Thank you very much for once again again an absolutely amazing show. The venue was brilliant. Eve really enjoyed the show and it was amazing watching her practice all the dances, songs and go through all her lines. I was extremely proud of Eve as a show girl. All the cast was amazing!! Very talented bunch of children. Thank you for all your hard work, it payed off towards a fabulous show!

    Emma McDermott West Wickham