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STAR System

The STAR System forms the structure of our classes.
The philosophy behind it is the key to our on-going success.

Self Confidence

Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 15. Your child will have the support and attention they need to grow as a performer each week.

Your child will receive feedback and encouragement from teachers on a regular basis. This will boost their confidence and challenge them to develop their skills and techniques.

Team Work

Your child will be encouraged to work as part of a team in their class. We will teach your child that as performers, working together brings out the best in each other.

Your child will work in small groups to perform pieces for the rest of the class. For example, your child will devise their own choreography, learn to sing in harmony and create group improvisations.

Active learning

Each week your child will take part in exercises designed to develop their coordination, flexibility, communication, vocal projection, stage presence and performance technique.

Realising Potential

Realising potential is where the STAR system all comes together.

Your child’s self-confidence builds through team work and active learning to develop skills for a spectacular performance.

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